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  • Unveiling Legislation Targeting Distracted Driving
  • Brown Forms Senate Mental Health Caucus
  • Sign-up for my Telephone Town Hall!
  • Senate Republicans Announce Priorities and Principles for 2023-24 Session
  • Committee Votes to Eliminate Costs for Genetic Testing and Breast Cancer Screenings
  • Senate Votes to Restrict Diversion of Transportation Funding
  • Homeowner Septic Program Helps Cover Cost of Septic Systems, Sewer Hook-ups
  • Around the 40th District

Unveiling Legislation Targeting Distracted Driving

Earlier this week, I hosted a news conference to bring awareness to Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania and introduce my legislation. In attendance were the families of victims, including Eileen and Paul Miller who lost their son, Paul Jr., to distracted driving. If passed, the act will be named Paul Miller’s Law, in honor of Paul Miller, Jr.

I originally sponsored this legislation in the House of Representatives, this session, Senate Bill 37 enhances driver responsibility by establishing a prohibition on physically holding or supporting with the body an interactive wireless communications device while operating a motor vehicle on a Pennsylvania highway or trafficway. Bluetooth Technology and hands-free devices and capabilities are still acceptable uses.

To view the full release, click here.

To watch the full press conference, click here.

Brown Forms Senate Mental Health Caucus

This week, I invited Senate colleagues to join my newly formed Senate Mental Health Caucus to bring awareness and productive solutions to the growing mental health crisis in Pennsylvania. In the House of Representatives, I served as co-chair of this caucus, and I look forward to continuing these bi-cameral and bipartisan initiatives in the Senate of Pennsylvania.

To view my full release, click here.

Sign Up to Join my Telephone Town Hall – March 15

March 15th, I will be hosting a telephone town hall for residents of the 40th Senatorial District on Wednesday, March 15th, beginning at 11:00 AM. The program will focus on constituents’ questions and concerns, as well as some legislative priorities. Sign up for m telephone town hall here.

Senate Republicans Announce Priorities and Principles for 2023-24 Session

With the two-year legislative session getting into full swing, I joined colleagues this week in announcing Senate Republican priorities and principles for 2023-24.

Our legislative efforts will be focused on protecting jobs, empowering families and defending freedoms.

Protecting Pennsylvania jobs requires a comprehensive approach that includes ensuring energy independence, promoting workforce development and continued improvement of our infrastructure.

Empowering Pennsylvania families means providing healthy and safe communities, addressing mental and behavioral health needs, and guaranteeing access to high-quality educational opportunities.

Defending freedom means keeping government out of the lives and pockets of citizens as much as possible, and instilling confidence in the electoral process.

Senate Republicans will build on our successful efforts last session that were focused on:

  • Improving the state tax structure
  • Redesigning higher ed
  • Modernizing workforce development
  • Creating new tax credits to generate jobs
  • Improving broadband, water and transportation infrastructure
  • And more

Senate Republican leaders discussed our 2023-24 priorities and principles here.

Committee Votes to Eliminate Costs for Genetic Testing and Breast Cancer Screenings

Legislation I’m co-sponsoring to eliminate all out-of-pocket costs for genetic testing of hereditary cancer syndromes and supplemental breast screenings for women with a high lifetime-risk of developing breast cancer took a step toward Senate passage this week.

Senate Bill 8, a bipartisan, first-of-its-kind, comprehensive breast cancer screening and testing bill was approved by the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee and is poised for consideration by the full Senate.

Genetic testing often leads to early cancer detection or preventive treatments and procedures. It not only informs the tested individual, but also provides vital information to family members who may have a high likelihood of inheriting a gene mutation.

Senate Bill 8 expands on a 2020 law that secured insurance coverage for breast MRIs by removing any applicable patient copays, deductible and coinsurance for this preventive screening. A supplemental screening is necessary because of failed early detection by screening mammography among women with dense breasts and those at high lifetime risk of breast cancer.

Senate Votes to Restrict Diversion of Transportation Funding

To bolster funding for Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure, the Senate passed legislation to restrict the diversion of transportation funding out of the Motor License Fund. The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

The Motor License Fund obtains revenue from transportation charges, including the gas tax, vehicle registration fees and driver license fees. These funds are required by the Pennsylvania Constitution for the design, construction and maintenance of the state and local highway network. However, a large portion is transferred to the Pennsylvania State Police for statewide highway patrol operations.

Senate Bill 121 dedicates the transportation charges to road and bridge safety projects, while ensuring the Pennsylvania State Police receive reliable, sustainable funding from sources beyond the susceptible Motor License Fund. The bill caps transfers from the Motor License Fund at $250 million in 2023-24 then reduces the transfer by $50 million annually. The bill seeks to end the transfers by 2028-29 and allocate all transportation fees for road and bridge improvements.

Homeowner Septic Program Helps Cover Cost of Septic Systems, Sewer Hook-ups

Functioning on-lot septic systems, laterals and connections to a public sewer system are essential for public health but are expensive to repair or replace.

The Homeowner Septic Program offers affordable loans for the repair or replacement of on-lot septic systems and sewer laterals, or a first-time sewer connection from an existing home. The revamped program now features:

  • No restrictions on household income
  • A streamlined application process
  • Loan amounts up to $25,000 for all homes (including manufactured homes)
  • No prepayment penalty

The program is funded and administered by Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA).

For more information or to start the PENNVEST application process, homeowners should contact a participating lender or PHFA at 1-855-U-Are-Home (827-3466), then press “0” to be connected with the Customer Solutions Center. Information on the program is also available here. Lenders interested in participating should visit the PHFA website for more details.

Around the 40th District

Yesterday, I Celebrated National Read Across America Day at Morey Elementary School with some amazing young students and Stroudsburg School District teachers. Read Across America is celebrated on Dr. Seuss’ birthday to encourage and recognize the value of reading and literacy. Thank you to Morey Elementary for all your hard work!

 Last week, I participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Telethon on BRCTV13. Thank you to this incredible organization and their supporters for all the amazing work they do.


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