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  • District of Character
  • Notre Dame Retirements
  • Simplifying Government, Ensuring Adequate Funding for Roads and Bridges
  • State Would Automatically Return Unclaimed Property Under Bill Approved by Senate
  • Coffee with Chief Guy Salerno
  • Working Animal Appreciation Day
  • Free Junior Game Warden Camps Offered Across PA
  • Around the 40th Senate District

District of Character

Notre Dame Retirements

Notre Dame High School has been fortunate to have Principal Jeff Lyons as an integral member of their school for 52 years! His retirement was just recently announced. His wife, Linda, an English teacher at Notre Dame will be retiring as well.

Pictured also is Ms. Lucille Corollo – an outstanding woman who has worked in their main office – is also retiring after over 20 years. Notre Dame is truly blessed to have had their kindness, stewardship, and dedication for so many years. Please join me in wishing them great joy and fulfillment in this next chapter.

Simplifying Government, Ensuring Adequate Funding for Roads and Bridges

Legislation sponsored to replace Pennsylvania’s Alternative Fuels Tax on electric vehicle owners with a flat fee was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee. It would simplify the process for electric vehicle owners and ensure all drivers are contributing toward the maintenance of roads and bridges.

Currently, owners of electric vehicles are required to file monthly statements with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and remit the alternative fuel tax on how much electricity their vehicle uses. However, most electric vehicle owners do not do this, or are inconsistent at doing so, due to the cumbersome process or simply being unaware.

Senate Bill 656 would exempt electric vehicle owners from the tax and replace it with a flat annual fee of $290. The fee was calculated based on the average annual gas taxes paid by owners of gas-powered vehicles. Like the gas tax, the revenue from the flat fee will be deposited into the Motor License Fund for highway maintenance and construction.

State Would Automatically Return Unclaimed Property Under Bill Approved by Senate

The Senate unanimously approved legislation authorizing the state to return unclaimed property without the need for rightful owners to search for it. It now advances to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senate Bill 24 would authorize the Pennsylvania Treasury Department to automatically return single-owner property for living individuals valued up to $5,000 after a thorough identification and verification process. The legislation streamlines the return of unclaimed money and property by eliminating the need for citizens to search and file a claim. For larger and more complex claims, owners would still be required to complete a claim form and provide additional information to confirm their identity and rightful ownership.

This commonsense initiative, which exemplifies how government should work to better serve its citizens, would return more money to hardworking Pennsylvanians who may be unaware of their unclaimed property. Search Treasury’s unclaimed property database here.

Coffee with Chief Guy Salerno

This week, I joined Blakely Police Chief Guy Salerno on his show, “Coffee with the Chief”. We had a great conversation on community safety, legislative initiatives, and supporting our law enforcement officers. To watch the interview, click here.

Working Animal Appreciation Day

This week was Working Animal Appreciation Day! Commonwealth Ave had several working animals for visitors to meet and learn about their valuable work in our lives. From therapy, to service, to criminal investigations, we are fortunate to have skilled and hardworking companion animals by our side. Thank you to their handlers for their training, discipline, and leadership as well.

Free Junior Game Warden Camps Offered Across PA

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) offers free Junior Game Warden Camps in each of PGC’s six regions in June and July for youth ages 12-15.

Campers will learn about wildlife crime forensics and how wardens catch poachers and solve wildlife-related crimes. Additional instruction will include woodland tracking skills, outdoor survival skills and wildlife capture techniques for nuisance complaints and research purposes.

Registration, available here, is limited to those who have not attended a camp previously.

Around the 40th District

This week, I met with the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors. They had strong representation from NEPA! Great discussions on affordable housing and their industry.

Gabby Reid is a trailblazer in female wrestling – and the 40th senatorial district is so proud of her! Earlier this year, she won the PA state championship for her individual weight class.

She is graduating this week from East Stroudsburg High School and is prepping for college and getting ready to compete at nationals. Such a joy to host her and her mom on the Senate floor this week. Wishing her continued success on and off the mat.

This week, over a hundred scouts from all across the commonwealth visited the state Capitol. I was pleased to meet Meghan and Robert Gownley, and their troop leader, Tammy Jo Gownley, from the 40th Senatorial District. Always a joy to see constituents while in Harrisburg and to support the scouts!

Rudy’s Tavern is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year! Stop by this weekend for their celebration! Kristine from my office presented a 90th Senate Citation and congratulated Joe “Giggy” Quaresimo on this momentous occasion. Rudy’s Tavern was founded by Rudy Manheim and received one of Pennsylvania’s first liquor licenses back when prohibition ended in 1933.

When Rudy passed away in 1981, he left the bar to one his bartenders, Denny Deardorff. Denny went to East Stroudsburg University and then joined the Marine Corp and fought in Vietnam. Stop in and check out the trophy case with the Marine Corp memorabilia from him and their customers.


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