Meeting to consider SB 225, SB 740, SB 765, SB 774, SB 775, and SB 784

Senate Local Government Committee

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


Call to Order 

  • SB 225 (Dush) – Amends the Fiscal Code regarding payment to counties, school districts and townships for certain state-owned lands
    • Amendment A01092 (Dush) – Technical amendment
  • SB 740 (Regan) – Amends the Second Class Township Code regarding compensation of auditors
  • SB 765 (Comitta) – Amends Title 8 to make several changes to the Borough Code in line with recent updates to the First Class Township Code
  • SB 774 (Hutchinson) – Amends Title 11 to allow a third class city to appoint a partnership, limited partnership, association or professional corporation as the city administrator
  • SB 775 (Hutchinson) – Amends Title 53 to provide for emergency meeting powers and succession of local officers during an emergency
  • SB 784 (Kearney) – Amends Title 53 to provide an alternative process for the formation of a government study commission to consider home rule for municipalities currently in the Act 47 recovery program

Recess to the Call of the Chair

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