Brown: Put the Cellphone Down

Senator’s legislation preventing deaths from distracted driving passes House Transportation Committee

HARRISBURG – Legislation prohibiting the use of cellular and other hand-held devices while driving passed today in the House of Representative’s Transportation Committee, according to the bill’s prime-sponsor, Sen. Rosemary Brown (R-40).

“Cellphone usage has become an addictive and consistent distraction for drivers, posing a significant public safety concern for our roadways,” said Brown. “I’m grateful for the House Transportation Committee’s bipartisan support for this bill as we work together to prevent crashes associated with distracted driving. I remain committed to advancing our collective mission for a safer Pennsylvania. This bill is meant to help drivers change behaviors – not harm drivers.” 

Senate Bill 37 enhances driver responsibility by prohibiting the handheld use of cell phones or other communication devices while operating a motor vehicle on a Pennsylvania highway or trafficway. Drivers may still utilize these devices, but it must be through Bluetooth technology or a speaker phone.

“The message remains clear – put the cellphone down,” said Brown.

The bill now moves to the full House of Representatives for consideration. Brown encourages Pennsylvania residents to reach out to their local members in the House of Representatives to voice support for the lifesaving legislation.


Christine Zubeck

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